The project of the Field Rescue Center (FRC) was created as a concept of a mobile diagnose and treatment facility. Its purpose is to be used in times of crisis such as: epidemic, pandemic, natural disaster, refugee crisis or on humanitarian missions, when it is crucial to quickly provide medical help to a vast number of people. Another purpose of the FRC is to provide medical care for military in areas of military conflict. In such cases it would act as a modern field hospital. Its structure allows it to function in areas of chemical or biological contamination. The Field Rescue Center is able to fulfill the tasks of a fully functional temporary hospital, while a proper medical facility is under construction. Additionally, a single operating theatre segment of the FRC can be used as a temporary replacement or additional support for a hospital which is under renovation, has undergone a sudden malfunction or isn’t able to meet the demand. FRC is a fully self-sustainable facility. FRC can be freely used in areas with malfunctioning infrastructure or even without it. FRC is also a mobile structure. It's easy to transport. Consisting of TEU containers FRC can be transported in various ways, such as by cargo ships, trains, trucks and planes. Thanks to moving parts and hydraulics the assembly is pretty much self-acting. The only tasks required for the workers is to place the containers in the right place, connect the FRC to power, running water, gas, etc. and move in the medical equipment. The estimated assembly time is just a couple of hours. Modular structure of the facility allows it to be assembled in any configuration, depending on the characteristic of the critical situation and the amount of people that seek medical help.